Dear sweet little Montlouis-sur-Loire,

For the past two months you gave me a taste of what small town French life is like in the amateur DSLR wielding photographer’s dreamland of the Loire valley.

So much that was new to me: huge swaths of caravans of the Roma that Prez Sarkozy hadn’t yet kicked out of France, the fact that everybody knows all of the classic French chansons and will sway back a forth singing them with even the slightest prompt, the strange looks I would get when I mentioned I liked yoga, and a rather twisted conception of diet food to help you maintain your figure (yes, I know that there are overcooked vegetables under all that cream and cheese, and that super chocolatey cereal says “Fitness” on the box, still doesn’t mean it’s good for the “regime”).

It is just a little too quiet.  That’s the main reason why I need to leave.  It was a good thing at first. Just settling in and not having too much being thrown at me while trying to navigate the language and a new country. But, it is time to move on to something bigger and crazier.

Tomorrow: Paris

(Though I will miss my little baby boo)