It’s so strange how books find you.  I recently finished reading Whitney Otto’s A Collection of Beauties at the Height of Their Popularity.  It is a novel comprised of stories where the characters overlap into each other’s lives and know each other.   The characters are young, approximately between the ages of 23-35.  They seem to float around, without fulfilling jobs or any real attachments or responsibilities.   Otto makes the point that none of them have jobs related to their degrees, and for the most part are underemployed.   The characters embody the fear I have for myself, that I will just float along and suddenly find myself in a very ordinary and soul-sucking job.  Or perhaps even worse, in a job that’s ordinary and somewhat fun, but leaves you stuck with no space to grow.

Not to say that this book is meant to be depressing.  But, it certainly has me thinking about making sure I don’t end up somewhere I don’t want to be. And the only way I know to combat that is to set goals and keep striving, even for  things that seem out of my reach.  For now.