I enjoyed my university years immensely.  My whole social scene changed, I became more outgoing and confident and tried out so many new things outside of my normal comfort zone.  And I definitely made a fool out of myself more than a few times.

A couple nights ago, at a friends birthday, there are a couple of really awesome Irish girls in Vancouver for the summer.  My friend Em and I were talking to one of them, and she was relating how she has basically spent each summer in a different country doing volunteer work, or just working and hanging out.  

I’ll admit I’m a little envious.  At no point in my uni days did I think about taking my summers to travel somewhere new to live and work for a couple of months.  I’ve always felt dumb that I never did a semester abroad, but this is just another regret I have.  Summers in Vancouver are amazing, but for the most part I worked and partied with people I already knew. Not that it’s bad, but I feel like I’ve missed out.  However, I think that in Europe, that’s a much bigger thing that everyone sort of does.  Here in Van, people go on vacation, or traveling for a couple of weeks or months, but they don’t just go away to work in a foreign country for the whole summer.

I just wish I had met people who did this kind of thing during university, while I was in university.