DSC01672So I’ve been back from Africa for about 2 and 1/2 months.  Quite a bit has happened, and I’ve got the travelling bug again. Bad.   I came back home pretty broke, but was really good about not eating out and budgeting. In fact, I gave up drinking coffee and eating out (only eating out if it was a social occasion with friends or family) for all of lent.  Let me tell you, giving up eating out was a hell of a lot easier than ditching the coffee. I was a mean and cranky person who turned to chocolate to calm her down.

However, I am really proud of myself.

The not eating out helped me save enough money for Coachella. I can’t believe I’ve never been. It was one of the happiest and most joyful periods of my life.  I wish that the laid back and loving music festival vibe permeated my real life, all the time.  I saw so many amazing artists, many of whom I’ve heard of, but never really listened to. I met really awesome people. I danced for hours, sometimes by myself, not caring about what I looked like (which wasn’t too pretty) or if anyone was watching. Of course, no one is watching because they too are busy dancing, fully blissed out. 

Now I’m back to the real world. I’ve moved to the Main street neighborhood, and I am madly in love with my surroundings. Still working the two jobs, and trying to cut corners like mad trying to save for the next big trip. And this next trip will be big. Like years long big. With working in different countries big. The problem is trying to sort out some kind of plan. I’m not into planning any nitty gritty details, but I would like to have an idea of countries or regions to visit so I can figure out what to pack and how the budget will go. But, I’m a little flakey and want to go EVERYWHERE. Gotta rein it in.  So, because I can’t/won’t decide on places yet, the focus is on the moolah. I have given myself one year (to May 1st, 2010) to save up as much money as I can before I head off. Wish me luck.